Several outside activities can be practiced in Périgord Noir


To succeed in a good hike, you have to dream it first. Picture it, following its path with a finger on the map… Finally, yield to the sweet call of the path’s curves.

In Périgord Noir, the harmony radiating from the landscapes is so deep, it is hard to resist the permanent invitation sent by the roads. If you want it, they will be your breadcrumbs through the pechs and combes (hills and valleys).


Numerous Kayaking bases are found along the shores of Véz§re and Dordogne rivers, offering relaxing and athletic days surrounded by historic patrimony of Périgord Noir.

Tree Climbing

Numerous tree climbing courses will give you thrills among the trees.

Gabarre strolls

Choose the boat of your dreams to visit your favourite places in Périgord. Sail on water, share your feelings with the captain and discover the secrets of Périgord rivers. Don’t forget to reserve your experience quickly, especially in summer by giving a call to the company you chose.

And many more days loaded with beautiful memories await!