Around 1281 King Philippe III “the bold” wants to build a bastide on the “barre”, this cliff stands 150m above the Dordogne river. The bastide was built according to the “norms”, meaning a regular plan, streets in 90° angles, squares, a “halle” etc… Through several renovations, this bastide survived and is still a withness of our days as well as of the riches of its past.

Even if prehistorian era left numerous tracks, the middle ages are the glory days of Domme. Episodes of the 100 years war can still be read on its old yellow stones and Domme would have never been built on such a high cliff if enemy threats had not been that numerous.

The most important vestiges of this military aspect make Domme a remarkable site. The battlement surrounding the village and different gates allowing acces, are still largely present in an extraordinary state of conservation. The most impressive one is probably the “Porte des Tours“, showing how badly the king wanted to divert possible assailliants while imposing esthetic constraint to fortifications builders.