La Roque Gageac

The village of La Roque-Gageac, among the most beautiful villages of France, is nested between a cliff and the Dordogne river. It enjoyrs a micro climate, almost mediteranean, because of its full south exposition.

La Roque-Gageac lines up fronts of its white and ocre houses. Numerous little streets lead to the foot of the cliff, from which we can admire a magnificient view over the river.

Next to the church, thanks to a natural solarium, thrives an exotic garder where palm trees, banana trees, figue trees, cactus and bamboos can be found.

Strolling a little further, you will arrive at the Manoir de Tarde, vestige of the rennaissance still dominating the heart of the village.

To discover the village from the river, the best way is to embark one of the famous gabarres : these traditionnal, flat bottom boats, once used to transport cargo along the Dordogne river. The majority of gabarres sailing this part of the river were only going down the current, because they used to be dismanteled on arrival to be sold as heating wood.

La Roque-gageac and its inhabitants, the Laroquois, will welcome you every year with open arms, in this country of fine gastronomy.