East of the Aquitaine region, close to the valley of Dordogne, Sarlat, capital of Périgord Noir, is located in the heart of a forrest area.

The name of Sarlat is synonym with gastronomical and cultural pleasure. Its world renown is linked to his history since the middle ages. Its evolution throughout the century has left it with an exceptionnal patrimony. Sarlat is the first city in France to have been rennovated following the Malraux law of 1964. Its rating as a city of art and history is proof of its great architectural quality. Sarlat is also known for a strong density in indexed and historical monuments. Its middle ages streets and great sunny squares, especially lively in Summer market days, offer a lovely living environment. Since 1928, movie directors have found in this place, an authentical setting for the shooting of historical movies.

The visits of the town offered by the tourism office, allow a glimplse inside Sarlat history, and the discovery of the charms of this medieval city and its occitan accents. The town of Sarlat obtained the exceptionnal rating of 3 stars in the Michelin Guide, competing with the most beautiful cities of Europe.